Memories that haven’t been made, that’s what awaits us all and to some degree we can even choose our future fishing memories, it is time.

Time for either some inshore fishing, maybe not Downtown Auckland quite yet though. But certainly many of the shallower waters around the gulf have started to heat up. Both in terms of water temp and snapper numbers.

Kingfish have been right up against hard against the rocks hounding the fleeing baitfish. A handful of gannets hovering right on a shoreline are relatively easy to spot and a real giveaway to potential top water heaven. These have been spotted along the eastern shoreline of southern Kawau earlier this week. Even western Rangitoto, where this weeks Where’s The Fish is filmed. It’s thrilling stuff.

Out wider towards Coromandel there has been some down time. Perhaps due to the cooler water there at the moment. However this should bring about some radical change shortly in terms of fish feeding. Nor-west of the Moehau range out towards Anchorite is on the near future fishing radar.

Avoid the No Fishing Zone and associated fines etc (it contains the international fibre optic cables we all rely on). North of Tiritiri to Flat Rock and further has provided great action fishing for the workup minded. While the direction of the workups seems to be eastward, I suspect the general Flat Rock area to continue to provide good fishing for a while. The nature of the workups especially just north of Flat Rock has meant good attendance from kingfish. There’s some sizeable specimens in great condition too taking both top water lures and especially fast-retrieved jigs.


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