Let the good times roll!

The variety of fish available allows for Autumn fishing is at its finest. So much fun to be had targeting the different types of fish available right now.

Snapper are in excellent condition whether you are fishing the shorelines early morning/late afternoon, or around the inner Hauraki Gulf areas. Both scenarios are turning up good quantities of fish, particularly the inner gulf in 35m underneath the many birds chasing tiny baitfish like anchovy. Further afield out along the 50m contour lines the snapper have been putting on the weight in readiness for winter. Workup activity and the general vibe out there has been one of ‘make hay while the sun shines’ approach to bite times. Consequently when it’s on its definitely all-on!

Daylight hours are dwindling and both air and sea temperatures continue their seasonal downward trend. It has been paying big dividends to go with the flow and adjust your fishing plans more to what Mother Nature presents on any given day. Hence use smaller tantilizing temptations for snapper when they aren’t exactly on the bite, but go as big as you dare in terms of lures when the going gets good.

And there are so many other fish to target, using a variety of methods. Kingfish whether jigged, live-baited or the ever exciting top water approach are a thrill and a half. There’s lots of them out there too especially around those anchovy schools. Kahawai can be scarce at times, other times prolific. Either way catching them on light gear by trolling, top water retrieves of soft baits or using various forms of jigs – they’re always a blast, and smoked kahawai shared amongst family and friends once back at home is always a good time.

Kingfish, snapper, gurnard, dory, cod, kahawai, mackerel and more, variety is the spice of life.


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