There’s only a wee way to go before true Spring fever hits the fish but everything sure is pointing in that direction.

Until that spring fever kicks in, light tackle is the way to go.

This week has shown very promising signs with eye-catching workups just off several shorelines. These have been in water just a handful of metres deep on the eastern edges of the Firth of Thames or along the North Shore Bays of Auckland and more. Similarly in much deeper water of 40m or more out from Tiri and Waiheke there has been some captivating above surface action. Some rewarding fish action is happening down below as well. Other times the fish in general have been very cautious on the bite.

In shore kayakers, beach based long liners, and dinghies anchored close-in out of the wind, have all been doing surprisingly well.

This time of year can provide fast and furious fishing action at times, along with longer periods of very little activity. It’s during the extended slow-bite times that well-presented lures and baits are getting the attention of lethargic or semi-interested winterised fish. Using lighter tackle has been the stand-out difference between steadily catching a variety of fish over several hours, and not even a bite. Lighter line weights of 10lb or less, and lighter leaders of 15lb or less have had most of the fishes attention.

Kingfish, snapper, JD, kahawai and big gurnard are on the early Spring menu, all are ready and waiting…



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