With all this fine weather and fine fishing, what more could we ask for?

I’m literally racing out the door, time and tide waits for no one! So no video report this week, as we should all just be doing it not watching it!

The snapper are in the Inner Gulf areas and even the Upper Waiheke Channel, and Western edges of Rangitoto have been getting some good catches very recently. It’s a little early for the inner downtown Auckland area just yet but that can change overnight. Kingfish are always great fun and there are a few good sizes being caught around the baitschools north of Waiheke and at Flat Rock on jigs and live bait.

Personally I’m off out wide after some deep water fish well past Great Barrier and the Mokes, back in a few days when summer has arrived.

Enjoy your fishing wherever you choose to be, the fish are ready and waiting.

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Grant Bittle

Grant Bittle

Catch Product Developer