big fish

It’s big fish time!

Yes the time is now to target those bigger fish – especially Kingfish. No matter what your preference in style of fishing is, catching a Kingi is always a thrill and a half and right now is the time to target them, there are plenty around. It’s your choice whether to use top water lures, jigs, or livebait, or a combination as they can be picky at times as to their preference, so it pays to have options at hand if possible. Landbased or boat based (any size of boat will do), you just need to be in the zone – submerged rocks and reefs or headlands, right in close especially when there are bait schools like mackerel around.

 Snapper fishing has been a yeah-nah affair lately, one day it’s all on under a workup out in 46m, the next it’s a ghost town, perhaps because of the higher water temperatures and breeding.

 A number of marlin have arrived, and they get closer to our shorelines every day. The skipjack tuna are noticeable by their absence in the Hauraki Gulf just at the moment, hopefully that changes very soon – these are great fun on light gear in themselves, and a favourite food of marlin.

 Thanks for all the great feedback and pictures of your fishing adventures, keep them coming!

 Happy hunting.