Channel Island

WTF Where’s The Fish September 6, 2016

How close? Shoreline close, in less than a metre!

Yes some beautiful eye candy sure is happening around the inner Hauraki gulf areas right now, typically winter workup style. Masses of hungry gannets are plummeting into near zero depth of water right at the shoreline and along rocky edges, some are very fast moving, this is action-stations style of fishing with nature on the upswing into Spring with fast and furious feeding. Wonderful scenes of gannets simply piling in, it’s all on then gone in a blink, or they’re hovering and smashing the water surface into foam for hours on end as the baitfish do their best to avoid the gannets from above and predatory fish from below by swimming into ever shallower water, it’s absolute mayhem in amongst them.

Those stunning small to midsize kahawai can be prolific along with their much bigger brothers, there have also been a few kingfish caught in amongst the furore. A few snapper can be found in the areas of these workups, but kahawai are the mostly the name of the game. Smoked, fresh sashimi style or however you prefer, winter kahawai are such a great fish. You can catch them readily even when the wind is howling overhead, so many inshore workups at present have been quite sheltered from the strong sou-west winds we’re experiencing, along the eastern shoreline of Kawau, south of Whangaparaoa peninsula, along the North Shore, and close in to the Noises, in the lee of the land. Great visual fishing, and a real a thrill to see.

Happy fishing!
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